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Agnete Hoy - studio potter and designer. A website dedicated to her life and work. This site aims to provide its visitors with access to information, documents, photographs, drawings and ceramics collection, much of it having belonged to Agnete.

This website is organised by the niece of Agnete Hoy and besides providing useful information it is hoped that the site will stimulate interest in Agnete Hoy and her work, and become a forum for informed discussion about her work.

Stoneware bowl (1983)
slip painted, blue celadon glaze.

As an artist potter Agnete Hoy managed successfully to create a bridge between industrial ceramics and work of the studio potters. Having studied in Copenhagen she went on to work for the Holbaek and Saxbo potteries in the late 1930’s before returning to England. Agnete’s Danish experience was to make her ideally suited to develop her creativity within the English ceramic industry during the war years and following period.

Her immense technical expertise related to glazes and firing was gained on the factory floor and used to produce her highly creative and distinctive designs for production at both Buller’s in Stoke-on-Trent and Doulton Lambeth Wares.

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We intend to create a bulletin board inviting you to contribute information about Agnete Hoy, your own examples of her work, information for collectors on works for sale, where her work can be seen, etc.

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Doulton modelled cat (1956)
23cm high saltglazed stoneware model, moulded, incised and slip painted.
cat. no. 85

Bullers vase (1945)
44cm high porcelain pale green/grey crackle glaze
cat. no. 02